What are bad practices in software… by @mreichelt

What are bad practices in software development, and what are you doing to oppose them? I’ll share what I know, but I’m so interested in what you all are doing to make software development better! (Thread)

For example, one thing I routinely see is teams that are chasing (often artificially set) deadlines. Often also leads to people working overtime. This is bad for devs, but also for customers. If engineers only chase feature by feature, quality gets lost, and innovations stop.

Why should customers care? A drop in quality leads to bugs, which are harder to fix later on. Also, new features will get slower to implement. In short: if customers push faster feature development, it’ll be more expensive – and more exhausting for engineers.

So that’s one thing I try to do: remind customers that it is in their very best interest to give engineers time to implement features. And I try to remind colleagues to take their time and invest in good quality, readable (and maintainable) code. It’s a win-win.

I couldn’t put it better than Benjamin Franklin did: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

One other thing that I try to achieve is to remind devs that small, continuous improvements are key to keep the project quality high and developer happiness high as well. It’s much more fun (and faster!) to be able to understand – and then change – old code quickly.

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