Use of care and mortality due to… by @MarkkuPeltonen

Use of care and mortality due to corona in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia; data from yesterday 13.4. New: regional data for Finland. Read the thread. (English) Fig 1. Persons in intensive care per day. Measures the burden on intensive care capacity. 1/x

Fig 2. Number of persons in hospital care per day. One person can be counted for several days. Measures the burden on hospital capacity. 2/x

Fig 3. Mortality per million population. 3/x

Fig 4. Mortality per million population on log-scale, by days since 2/million deaths in the country. Same data as fig 3, but y-axis helps to understand rate of change, and time-scale unified. 4/x

Fig 5. Absolute number of deaths by days since 10th death in the country. (Attempts to get same starting point/phase of the epidemic for all countries). 5/x

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