TWO recently updated manuscripts from… by @NoamTalPerry

TWO recently updated manuscripts from our lab now available as preprints! We thank the support and fantastic comments made by the reviewers of both papers. Details in tweet thread > 1/5

In the 1st paper by @ShlomitYuval & myself we test alternative account of the saccade inhibition prior to expected events, related to the context-based experience of certainty participants may have when target is predictable. 2/5…

By manipulating certainty, we contrast hypotheses made by this account and the temporal expectation interpretation of previous studies, and show that the data is best supported by the temporal expectation hypothesis. Data + code available here: 3/5

In the 2nd manuscript, @ShlomitYuval and I explore whether this pre-stimulus saccadic inhibition may be a general timing-related phenomenon, rather than being temporal-expectation-specific. Timing people @TimingForum may be especially interested! 4/5

By contrasting an implicit temporal expectation task with an explicit timing task, we demonstrate that pre-stimulus oculomotor inhibition occurs specifically when we expect a future, predictable target. Data + code available here: 5/5

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