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Thread time! So in blades fiction, Hollows are folks whose spirit, or ghost, has been separated from their body. It’s important to note that some folks voluntarily do this as the dominant religion, the Church of the Ecstasy of the Flesh, believes the spirit to be sinful.…

Flesh, they say, is pure! There are other ways you could become hollowed in the game. Consider that the Ghost is a special playbook. What happens to a living body after the ghost is freed from its grasp? But why would you want to play a soulless creature?

Well, for one thing, there are plenty of examples of soulless beings in Blades that, nonetheless, seem to posses strong personalities and drives. Demons, to be precise. But this playbook isn’t about being demonic, it’s about finding, or losing, your self.

The Hollow doesn’t have vices or trauma, you see, nor does it have emotion. But if you play one you will recover or lose those aspects of yourself, bit by bit, slowly piecing yourself together until you are yourself again, or you become someone else.

When you indulge in your urges as a hollow, you fill recovery clocks which allow you to regain lost skills, abilities, and emotions! When you stress out, you become further hollowed and lose access to one of those emotions forever. Will you recover what’s left or give in?

Some things I’m proud of? Well the cover is killer, for one. But I also really love the special mechanics and abilities I devised which simultaneously play into the tropes of being an emotionless robot and a complex person with powerful emotional outbursts.

Anyhow, I hope someone likes what I put down, here. Happy to receive feedback, too. I think this will especially appeal to folks interested in a complex personal story and fans of the monstrous redemption trope. Tell me what you think!✨

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