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[Thread] How real-time works on AWS AppSync? Authorized WebSocket clients just need to send a GraphQL subscription request and a secure connection is stablished for 24h. This means that you can easily and effortlessly make any supported data source in AWS AppSync real-time. [1/4]

Whenever a GraphQL mutation is sent by a client (1), AppSync performs authorization checks and executes any business logic defined in the resolver, then sends a request to DynamoDB to create an item in the table (2). Data is then broadcasted to all connected clients (3). [2/4]

What about pushing backend data to clients? An out of band request (1) is sent to Lambda using DynamoDB Streams (2). The function sends a mutation to AppSync secured by IAM to a local resolver so data is not persisted anywhere (3). Connected clients receive the data (4). [3/4]

AppSync empowers real-time collaboration with simplicity. Real-time data, connection management, scalability, fan-out and broadcasting are all handled by AppSync, allowing you to focus on your application business use cases and requirements instead of dealing infrastructure [4/4]

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