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*THREAD* National Food Dishes who’s origin may surprise you Food is an essential part of culture and becomes part of how they see themselves.

Frogs legs were first eaten in England. In 2013, researchers found evidence that ancient Britons were eating cooked toad or frog around 7600 BC They were even considered a delicacy in 1908 when London’s Savoy hotel served them as a dish called “Thighs of the Dawn Nymphs”

Whilst the Roman culinary book, Apicius includes pasta with creamy, white & wine sauces, the first cooked tomato recipe didn’t appear in an Italian cookbook until early 19th century. The first red sauce pasta recipe was actually written in a French cookbook in 1797.

Tempura was introduced to Japan by Portuguese Jesuits traveling on a ship to Japan in the mid-16th century. The traditional Portuguese dish of battered seafood/vegetables “peixinhos da horta,” meaning “little fish of the garden” became popular in Japan They renamed it tempura

Sauerkraut “sour cabbage” is thought to have been brought to Europe during the 13th century via Genghis Khan and the Mongols Chinese people have been eating it and other fermented vegetables for centuries

Cheesecake originated in Ancient Greece & Rome. The Greek version was made with cheese curds and honey whilst the Roman cheesecake was called Placenta and would have a crust on it and be formed into loaves

In 1838, an Austrian baker called August Zang opened a shop in Paris, France and started making crescent shaped Austrian Kipfel, a pastry made from butter, sugar and flour. French bakers then started making it with puff pastry and the croissant was subsequently born.

The scotch egg, which is a soft boiled egg encased in deep fried sausage meat originated in India, not the UK. The original recipe called Nargisi Kofta comes from the Mughal cuisine and is a hard boiled egg encased in ground meat.

Biriyani comes from the Persian word “birian” which means “fried before cooking”. Originating in Iran, not India, the cooks of the Moghul emperor took this simple rice and meat baked dish and added aromatic spices and other exotic ingredients.

French fries are not from France. They originated in Belgium in the 1600’s When the rivers froze making fishing impossible, Belgian villagers would slice & fry potatoes in the same way they would cook fish. Thus, the earliest potato fries were born

American soldiers stationed in Belgium during WWI tasted this delicious food and, as the official language of the Belgium army was French, the soldiers nicknamed the snack “French fries” They are now one of the most popular side dishes in the world

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