#Thread #Ethiopia In what capacity do you think Hon.@PaulKagame should be involved in this conflict? I do understand he was a great friend to the late PM —Meles Zenawi but Ethiopian politics has greatly changed since then. The country was on a verge of collapse, as a result..


..the current PM, Rt.Hon.@AbiyAhmedAli has been forced by circumstances to carry out necessary reforms to salvage that situation. The Tigrayan leaders and other vestiges of the old order, having been on top of Ethiopian politics for decades are very skeptical about these..

..reforms taking place for the good of the country, hence their defiance. You remember very well that they went ahead and conduct elections despite warnings from the central government not to do so, what more do you think the PM should have done? I think the Ethiopian..

.. government exercised enough restraint to prevent this war but as fate would have it they had no means except to forcefully disarm these criminals and bring them to book. I’m of the opinion that the government shouldn’t hold any talks with them as this would set bad precedent..

..for other secessionists, they should either surrender or face the music. Also the logic behind your appeal to the @UrugwiroVillage to intervene instead of approaching bodies like the @igadsecretariat & the @_AfricanUnion is simply unfathomable & beyond comprehension @zittokabwe

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