THREAD:… by @BFH_8799

THREAD: 1/What did I tell you FROM THE BEGINNING? #NBA players have TOO MUCH POWER AND INFLUENCE in team operations. How do you think AD got to LA? Kawhi and PG13 on the Clippers? Even Kyrie and KD in Brooklyn? How did KD end up in Golden State in the first place?…

2/I kept saying that no matter what happened between the #MLB and #MLBPA, the #NBA and the #NBAPA (and even the #NFL and #NFLPA) are MUCH, MUCH WORSE. The difference is that baseball’s in-fighting is being public.

3/The owners are killing the #MLB, but the players are going to kill the #NBA. The players don’t need the NBA in order to market and brand themselves. Now, do I care? No, but just remember, baseball’s not the only sport with problems and millionaires vs. billionaires. Night!

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