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Thread so me and my irl we were talking abt music so obv I talk abt the recent bts lgo achievements to him so I told him abt the xenophobism of the western music industry regarding the poor radio plays. He deadass told me what if they don’t like the song bitch? Can’t believe it.

and I say mainly because they’re fking racist because bts is asians. He said this “radios play music based on what the majority of who theyre broadcasting to prefer” I was speechless then I told him dynamite instead got a better treatment because mainly sang in full english???

How u gonna explain this shit. THEN HE SAID THIS TF “u can’t rly blame the americans either some ppl are like me uk we just dl music that isn’t English if bts rly impacted a certain area big enough where the radio wld lose listeners not playing them” and then proceed to say many

Artist r alot btr than bts. Bitch we r talking abt an ASIAN act who made impact in the US and still given this mistreatment. We all know hwo good bts music is. He said “cuz like i said not everybody likes kpop or just foreign music in general so imagine weirding out the majority

just to please the minority” btch as if there isn’t any fans or casual listeners besides armys. THEN THIS BTCH WENT ON TO SAY they’re 53rd listened artist on Spotify. I told him abt our top debut streams for BE yesterday. And he said this a

As we all know bts constantly getting mistreated anyhow by the industry no matter WHERE despite working hard in music. And as fans we pay back their work hard with charts and streams. But that does not mean we only care abt NUMBERS. we enjoy their art and stream. And people tend

To see bts as overrated because our big fan base. Which is tbh not true. He said this our fan base streaming is unrealistic. And we pay back them like this enjoy their music and charting it we can. And he said we r wrong. 😭HE fking said that bts working hard is their JOB

And say who doesn’t work hard?? Btch we r talking abt a group who constantly get mistreated I’m tired of repeating because he does not understand what they went thru. Anyways,, western artist do work hard too I didn’t say anything abt it but many things r given to them easily.

And I say I hate it when ppl ask us why do we listen to kpop when we don’t understand. Btch have u heard of lyrics???? And he said this. WTF IS JS AN EXCUSE. If ur all abt the music and the song is good, I don’t see why not u can do further research on the music or the lyrics.

As if u listen to an English song and instantly knew what they’re saying 🙄he f u c k I n g said this idek if I want to reply to his stupid ass. Its js an excuse and so immature oh my god Where’s the fun then????? If ur not doing anything to the song and js listening to it 🤦🏻‍♀️

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