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THREAD: Both @TorrinWilkins and I were talking last night about reputation, it was one of those 2am chats that got pretty deep. The conclusion we reached was that in politics, people tend to remember you for things they deem as *bad*, for him it was being on the leave campaign.

But I guess that one tiny fact about a whole person isn’t enough to make a judgement about them. And I’m tired of seeing him being torn apart for taking part in one campaign, especially when he didn’t fully agree with the methods or people involved.

It was a binary referendum, you had to fall on one side of the fence and he picked that which suited his beliefs, nothing more. Yet, this isn’t the reason I made this thread. I want to show you all a side of him that I see and love, I’m tired of him getting abuse.

He’s the person that doesn’t ever get enough sleep and over-worries a lot, so sometimes I have to sit there on call and calm him down. When he’s asleep he does the tiniest snores. He does the cutest penguin walks subconsciously when running in his flat.

He’s the person that I taught how to use chopsticks, he kept dropping all the sushi! He always lets me finish his steal his meals/drinks if I like the taste of them and we just have a laugh about it. I also love how he always promises to bring me sushi because it’s my fav food!

He deals with drunk me and all of my drunk videos of me saying random things. 😂 He makes me really happy and is the light of world, always making me laugh and always complimenting my make-up and glittery-ness.

He showed me around Aber, and when I learnt then that when I ask him to take photos at of me, instead of taking a few, he takes a lot and spams my camera. He knows my coffee orders off by heart and sat waiting for me when I did my entrance exams.

He gave me a hug when I dropped my ice cream after this photo was taken! We both love green spaces and looking at the ducks. We sit on benches and I just hug myself against him, with him I feel the safest that I have in a long time.

We also ended up being on telly together! And before hand, we were both pretty nervous- with me making ginger tea because he felt nauseous. However, despite nerves, he was also really thoughtful. The day before was my birthday and he bought me a bag of all my fav foods!

We’re also v stupid and mad- like we he literally planned a date with me peddle boating! He’s one of the funnest people that I’ve ever met- often colouring pictures with funny colour schemes, or with us both playing online games and ‘the floor is lava’ over FaceTime at 3am.

He’s also probably the kindest- and I knew it from the moment that we met. I felt like I could talk to him for hours, about anything, and even on our first date we kept getting mistaken for a long-time couple. I guess we were doing something right 😂

He also the cutest, and makes me laugh so much, knowing so many facts about random things! And he always makes time for me and everyone around him if they need, treasuring everyone in his life.

I guess I just love him so much, and there’s more to him than you’ve heard. He’s a person and he’s a good-egg. Genuinely the best person I’ve met in my life. There’s more to him than you’ve heard- and all these small things (and more) that I love about him.

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