This thread by #家明 @Facebook page… by @nikki_miumiu

This thread by #家明 @Facebook page caught my attention. Says an artist #IliCheng talked about #HongKong in tears while she attended an event of Kaohsiung mayoral by-election. She said she worried about #HongKongers and hope ppl won’t giving up concern about the city. #雞排妹

When it comes to an issue about #HongKong pro-democracy movement, #PoliceBrutality and the repression of #CCP, artists, feminists and celebrities remain silent, some even becoming “patriots” all the sudden. Like this lady Mary Cheung. By #LeungBark @Facebook #香港偽人何其多

Cheung is the winner of a Miss #HongKong pageant back in 1975, as a Christian she praised PLA army, but turn blind eyed to churches being tear down in China, and remain silence when Christians being assaulted. Pic @hkcnews_com @BitterWinterMag #沽名釣譽容易

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