This is a thread of thread that teach… by @murasakikyuri

This is a thread of thread that teach how to simp People 101 lol don’t bother reply this coz i know you’re busy, I’m just bored lol so SORRY! Should i tag? 。。。YOLO Y NOT? !!! Sorry once again QAQ

@MintFantome Give Offerings n Bustin

@shiochanx3 Give her Chicken Nuggets www n Cu Chulainn for boost

@EthelChamomile the chad is the Simpest Chad, gives her Cute Girls (preferly Noa) n Apples

@KumaVtuber Gib Headpats always Pats n bug facts (i ain’t tardy lol)

@EvelynVtuber The Receh is Receh, her laughs are blessed gift orz i can listen to her for hours

@Asatsuki_rurika gives Taxes n call it Naisuta www I am none but a humble merchant

@KokiRocchi i have yet simp on thee marvelous Rocchi but you can gives crumbs n steps :>

@soundweebjay didn’t i follow you already? Weird Kick him in the shin, he loves it :>

Welp i think that’s all people I 市MP so far www Janee i wanna go now Cya~

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