This is a great thread about job hunting… by @zunderscore

This is a great thread about job hunting and how you can truly learn what your market worth is as an employee, but this particular tweet stands out to me. Fuck your current employer. They are absolutely not loyal to you, so don’t bend over backwards just to be loyal to them.…

You are a line item on a spreadsheet to most companies. And they should be the same thing to you. Remember: HR/”talent” departments don’t exist for YOUR benefit. They exist to protect the COMPANY. Their jobs are to keep people happy/quiet enough to not take the company off track.

Does this mean you shouldn’t care, or you shouldn’t find an employer that aligns with your values? NO! It simply means that you shouldn’t get attached or build loyalty to an employer JUST because you work for them right now. One day, you won’t work there anymore. I guarantee it.

Does this mean that all employers are inherently bad? Absolutely not. There are some truly good organizations that are doing their best to do the right thing. I believe I work for one of them. No organization/company is perfect. I’m sure there are ways you can help make it better

So get out there. Look for a place with the right kinds of people making decisions for the right reasons. And give yourself the chance to both get both the job that you want & also be paid what you deserve. Don’t limit yourself just because it’s “disloyal”. You deserve better. ❤️

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