The Seduction Marketing. (A short… by @Christophany_

The Seduction Marketing. (A short #Thread) Girls become attracted to a guy through personality, conversation skills and social skills. Why? A man need to be socially capable. He’s the one that’s got to bring home the bacon for everyday for the next decade while the kids

Are growing up. If she messed up and chooses the wrong guy, she’s in for some serious problems (from the caveman perspective) Now here is the marketing lesson. The girl is the customer And you the marketer is the guy. For a customer to choose you and buy your product…

You must prove that you are socially capable to deliver the results that your product promised. You must prove to her that you have a great personality and you are the right one. And the way you say what you say matters a lot. That’s your job. For her to crave your product,

Think about your product, want to have get it, she needs to feel the Attraction building from the inside out. And it has to feel like it’s her choice. Once she feels you are trying to trick her to buy, you’ve lost her for good. And they are only two ways to go about…

Seducing her… 1. Be a straightforward, confident player. Or 2. Put the patterns so deeply into your communication that she’ll have no idea why she’s falling so hard for you so fast.

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