Thank you @NidhiGurnani for an amazing… by @CreatorsOfProd

Thank you @NidhiGurnani for an amazing session on building an #MVP 🙏🙏 Nidhi shared a solid framework to build an #MVP and illustrated every step of this framework with real-life examples from her journey of building products Thread with key highlights from the session 🧵

– Over time, the definition of MVP has changed from Minimum Viable Product to Minimum Valuable Product – Today, products are differentiated based on the core values that they deliver

💡To ensure you are in the right direction of building an #MVP – it’s very important to ensure you answer the following questions first: Why are you building the product❓ Why are you building it now❓ Who are you building it for❓ Why should they use it❓

– Before you execute your idea, list all your assumptions, and start talking to people immediately. Invert your assumptions and talk to people again. 🗣️🗣️ – Try and gather at least 10-12 patterns – In the process embrace the null hypothesis 👇…

– Analyze what you are competing with instead of who you are competing with – Start understanding user habits. It’s important to understand what they are doing right now vs what they say they want to do

– Define the core functionalities along with the housekeeping functionalities of your product 🔨 – Keep an exhaustive list of all functionalities and do not cut out anything from the list at this point 🗒️

– Start dividing specs of your product into a pyramid of layers: functionalities, reliability, usability & delight – Always cut the pyramid vertically and not horizontally while building the MVP to ensure you always include usable & delightful layers

Prioritize product experience vs building all the product features in a single go

What is an #MVP? 1⃣ MVP is not one product or a variation of the product 2⃣ It is a system of parallel iterations built with real insights 3⃣ There is no such thing as the Right #MVP 4⃣ #MVP is a system which owns the problem and solution is always an outcome of this process

📑Summary of the #MVP Checklist: 1⃣ Find the why before what, define value before the product 2⃣ Talk to real people, gather at least 10-12 user patterns 3⃣ Study hacky and tacky user habits in action right now

4⃣ List all features that you would visualize in a live product 5⃣ Draw the product pyramid, cut a delightful, usable slice across layers

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