So why do we go out during the day… by @CochiseStephens

So why do we go out during the day and sleep at night? Who made that call in history? We would be so much cooler if we chose differently (thread)

We would be adapted to the dark more

We would party a lot longer

Pictures would be aesthetically more pleasing

Nobody would be afraid of the dark

The daytime animals would be thriving and the night time animals we dont really bother as it is so why would we all of a sudden?

The ecosystem would be closer to being balanced

We would be able to see possible threats like people or animals

People who wake up because of the sun would never have that problem

Houses would be built totally different because windows wouldnt be a worry

Sunburns would be a thing in the past

We would have the moon that we can actually look at for the entirety that we are awake instead of a flaming ball of gasses that can potentially blind us for looking at it too long

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