Should I write a thread about what “defunding… by @paopa

Should I write a thread about what “defunding the police means” even though we all have google and its very easy to educate ourselves? Mmm..let’s make the thread 1/4

So, defunding the police doesn’t mean “Let’s not have a police” It means that in states like California, 54% of the budget is allocated for the police instead of using some of that money for schools or communities that need funding 2/4

What does this mean? If instead of having a police force that looks more and more like the military, we use it for education in communities with the highest percentage of crimes. By doing so, we help the community to lower crime. 3/4

which would mean, YOU DONT NEED SO MANY POLICE OFFICERS. Which also means, they can be more picky when letting ppl join the police. 4/4

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