reasons why you should keep holding… by @18monthsisfunny

reasons why you should keep holding on: a thread 🙂

1. the sun shining on your face

2. eating ice cream

3. laughing with your favorite people

4. going to concerts

5. snuggling in bed after a long day

little pause: I love you so much and care about you. come here I’ll give you a hug (if you like hugs but if you don’t like hugs *air hugs*) okay now back!!

6. listening to your favorite song

7. hearing babies laugh

8. getting up early to watch the sunrise

9. dancing in the rain

10. listening to the soft pitter patter of the rain on your roof

11. talking to someone for a while about life and other stuff

12. long car rides blasting music

13. getting to see someone you haven’t seen in a long time

14. having dance parties

15. people will miss you. you may think that nobody will care but trust me someone does.

16. eating your favorite foods

18. hearing someone say they love you

19. meeting your soul mate

20. putting on a really soft hoodie

21. sleeping in

22. getting presents/giving presents

you’re worth it. you’re perfect. you’re amazing. you’re NOT annoying. you’re NOT stupid. you’re meant to be here. I love you. stay strong. if you ever need to talk, please dm me:)

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