READ. THIS. THREAD. … by @alexlegrand99

READ. THIS. THREAD. @uOttawa constantly allows this kind of BS, over and over again. It is a deeply deeply colonial institution, this is clear. I’m so f*ing disgusted at this university.…

I’m also so tired of the Pierre Vallières example being brought up by profs. 1) It was in 1968. Lots of other horrible slurs were commonplace and guess what? IT DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT

2) Him titling his book that ALSO DOESN’T MAKE IT OK. French Canadians did (and still do, to an extent, especially hors Québec) suffer under the Anglo majority, HOWEVER white French Canadians still benefit from their whiteness more than they are restricted by the anglosphere.

Also on the whole « academic freedom » BS, as a queer man, I’m incensed at the assertion that « queer » is at AT ALL compared to the n-word (which was the context of the class) considering queer has been a self identifier for over 100 years and also again, NOT AT ALL THE SAME

While it’s not at ALL the same, if a cishet prof just started talking about the word f*g which is def a reclaimed slur that I even sometimes use jokingly for myself, I know that as a queer man, I’d be pretty f*ing uncomfortable.

And even if this were censorship (which it’s not, just don’t say the n-word it’s really not that difficult) is using the n-word and making Black students feel uncomfortable and possibly traumatized really worth it in the name of « debate », uOttawa? No. No it is not.

TL;DR of my thread (please please please also read @vxarmstrong ‘s thread) : just don’t say the n-word, profs. There is literally no reason to not say « n-word » or « le mot commençant par n ». It’s not that hard.

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