ppl you should listen to if you dont already… by @amayaj11

ppl you should listen to if you dont already [a thread] disclaimer: •this isn’t in any particular order, numbering things and caps lock just makes me feel more organized so don’t think im yelling lmao •it might be new to you, it might not. regardless. go listen lmao

1) GIVEON • my guy voice like…like silk 😭 favorite song[s] x heartbreak anniversary

2) ALEX ISLEY • her uncles are the isley brothers. BUT. she’s her own person & voice. favorite song[s] x gone, road to you, about him

3) KIRBY • i can’t even explain her music lmao. it’s like…idek. like what it feels like after it just got done raining and you see a rainbow. favorite song[s] x leon, velvet, penny

4) BLOOD ORANGE • if you ain’t hip by now, idk what to tell you. favorite song[s] x with him, charocoal baby

5) SERPENTWITHFEET • the name is different…i know BUT THE VOICE! 😭 (his music is lowkey a acquired taste) favorite song[s] x four ethers, bless ur heart, receipts

6) NONAME • should not still be underrated but alas. she very much is favorite song[s] x her whole discography

7) MOSES SUMNEY • very much…very much experimental cloud floating in the air sound. i like it. favorite song[s] x plastic, polly

8) DONAVON • a vibe favorite song[s] x these days, control

9) 070 SHAKE • this on a…futuristic type tip. everybody not gone fw it favorite song[s] x under the moon, honey, terminal b

10) MAVI • if earl sweatshirt had a baby..it would be mavi [but he’s still very much his own voice] favorite song[s] x whole discography

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