POVERTY IS A MINDSET. … by @RealRayWords

POVERTY IS A MINDSET. SHORT THREAD. I someone close me, a young man of 20 years. He didn’t do well with his academics so he was just staying home. I have a friend of mine who has a business, I asked him to employ him. He agreed to do so even though he didn’t qualify for it.M

My friend told me that they need another technician, so since he is not qualified they would first train him the basics of it. While he gets salary of 1300.00, the company buys him lunch and pays for his transportation.

The guy started with a contract 2 weeks into the job he’s bought lunch and transportation covered infact all employees they treat them the same. The young man quit the job, without even a notice or something. All he wants to do is sit down at home.

I honestly realized you know poverty it’s a mindset man. How can you quit a job that pays you 1300.00 as a start for a job you don’t qualify for? A job that buys you lunch? A job that pays for your transportation?

What more do people need? Why can’t we just appreciate what we have? What hurts me most is that they loved and welcomed him at the company, I was there and I was always passing by.

Of a sudden without even saying goodbye or I am quitting he just left and is doing nothing at home. Now It’s like I connect people who are not responsible. Do you think next time when I try to connect a more serious person my friend won’t allow to hire them.

I’m passionate about uplifting one another. That guy has hurt me honestly because the job had so many benefits especially for a bgcse certificate no qualifications or any skills. I now don’t what people need!!

In the midst of covid-19 you are hired for a job that pays for your meals, transportation and a good salary start. Yet you quit to stay home and do nothing. At the same time you are 21 years of age. Aoo banna!! I’m just hurt and disappointed 😔

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