Ok, so starting my #KraokaQuestions thread… by @TwizzlerP

Ok, so starting my #KraokaQuestions thread because I have questions and I hope #xmen fans know things.

1. Do you think at some point we will examine Zaladane, Polaris, and Magneto? After all Zala is Lorna’s sister and Magneto killed her. Do we think he killed his daughter? Or will she be resurrected? Come through #Xfactor

2. Why aren’t Rusty and Skids with the #NewMutants. Are they on the island and just trying to avoid everyone? Are they with the MLF? Did they both just join SHIELD or did they just go back to college?

3. In what world did Mrs Guthrie ever let her daughter get beaten to death in order to get her powers?

4. Where are Warpath and Thunderbird?!? I’d much rather have THAT issue than Giant Sized #xmen Fantomex. Also, do the memories of Chaos War matter? Are they even captured? Did it exist?

5. I really want to see a debate over whom to resurrect. Like do we need to have Legion back and should we?

6. Do “non” X-men mutants get lower priority in resurrection?

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