Ok let’s get serious for a second… by @jessicadesamota

Ok let’s get serious for a second here… I have questions: *a thread*

people who copy you on a regular basis – the hobbies you like, the clothing you wear, your kids stuff, your glasses, the whole shebangs, you get me -, do they learn how to like the stuff you like or is just for the photo op?

Do they feel comfortable in those clothes or do they actually see how odd they look? How hard is shopping? Do they wait for the person to buy something or do they buy both what they actually like and what they copy?

And do they indeed read the books or just watch the movie in a “fake it until you make it” approach? And when they criticize the things you like and do, do they actually realize they’re also talking bad about themselves since they… well, have been copying those said things?

Above all, do they kiss your picture goodnight or is it more a “photoshop their head with my body” type of thing? Man, my ♥️ goes to you cause it must be incredibly hard to be fake day after day after day after day. 💋

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