ok as i said earlier, i had a dream with… by @hesseokjin

ok as i said earlier, i had a dream with bts in it but it mainly involved jungkook 🥺 i messed up my thread so i’m tweeting it again jdksjs also i remembered a couple more details

so my fam and i were out at an outdoor shopping area and i spotted joon and tae walking towards a food court nearby. i couldn’t believe my eyes and wanted to check if it was really them in a lowkey way. (tae was wearing a long brown coat btw and he looked stunning)

so i kind of went near the table they were sitting at and quickly noticed that there was a commotion going on bc the fam at the table next to them had spilled their drinks all over the floor and there i saw jungkook 😭

he had gotten up to help wipe it up right away. joon and tae noticed and were getting napkins too. i decided to get some napkins to help as well since they spilled so much.. and i thought “wow what a story.. i am about to clean with bts!!!”

so i got a whole bunch of paper and noticed jk just ran out so i gave him some of mine. we were all wiping the floor and i was trying to act as if i didn’t know them/they were bts. i started talking to jk casually (he was quite fluent in english in my dream lol) and by the time

we were done cleaning up, they had to leave and i was sad to say bye. we had some good conversations by that time and felt like a new friendship was created. i walked with jk out to the exit area with nj and tae in front. i saw how tall nj was so i told jk “wow he is SO TALL”

and he did a little smile and replied with a small “yeah”. we all said our goodbyes but then jk stopped and grabbed my arm softly and pulled me aside while he was looking at tae and joon at a distance making their way to the car as if he didn’t want to leave just yet.

he stood still in silence watching them leave while he was still holding my arm in the softest way…and for some reason i decided to hug him from the back (how reckless of me?! we just met???) and he allowed it 💀 then he asked to use my phone

i thought his phone died and he wanted to call them and ask if he could stay for a little longer since they had separate cars, so i unlocked my phone for him to dial but a couple mins later i realized he was playing games on my phone just chilling 🤡 and that’s all i can remember

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