” Oh you’re a ( blank ) kinnie ? “… by @S4TURNSGALAXY

” Oh you’re a ( blank ) kinnie ? ” based on aot characters ; a thread

Oh you’re an Eren kinnie ? How’s being so bold and bombastic that people misjudge you for being an asshole ? How’s being so stubborn that you sometimes completely ignore logic ? How’s being impulsive ? How –

Oh you’re a Mikasa kinnie ? How’s being clingy ? How’s sacrificing your health for one specific person ? How’s the emotional detachment from reality ? H-

Oh you’re an Armin kinnie ? How’s being bullied / belittled for your trauma ? How’s feeling useless ? How’s feeling like you’ll never live up to people’s expectations ? H-

Oh you’re a Sasha kinnie ? How’s eating till your sick ? How’s the confidence you use to cover up your fear ? How’s being too trusting of others ? How’s being stubborn ? H –

Oh you’re a Jean kinnie ? How’s the emotional detachment ? How’s the abandonment issues ? How’s feeling like no one will ever understand you ? How’s the inferiority and superiority complex ? H-

Oh you’re a Marco kinnie ? How’s being a people pleaser ? How’s never feeling like your enough ? How’s being mentally drained from putting everyone else first ? How’s the toxic relationship(s) ? H-

Oh you’re a Connie kinnie ? How’s using humor to cope ? How’s having trouble empathizing with people properly ? How’s wishing everything was black and white when it can’t be ? How’s feeling like an idiot all the time ? H –

Oh you’re an ANNIE kinnie huh ? How’s hiding your grief so much that you can’t express proper emotion ? How’s people being afraid of you ? How’s being lonely constantly but not being able to tell anyone ? H-

Oh you’re a Levi kinnie ? How’s being tired of living ? How’s the apathy from built up trauma ? How’s being physically unable to express emotion properly due to said trauma ? How’s being held to to many expectations ? How’s the low pain tolerance ? H-

Oh you’re a Reiner kinnie ? How’s putting everyone else first ? How’s the daddy issues ? How’s feeling like you can never live up to peoples expectations ? How’s taking responsibility for things that aren’t your fault ? How’s being exposed to trauma / pressure at a young age ? H-

– I will continue this later –

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