My reflection- a thread: … by @23andhuman

My reflection- a thread: When faced with a calamity, the Almighty is seeking closeness to you. As you go about life, you sink deep into the fast-paced nature of life, rush hour and trying to get by, that there is a tendency for you to lose touch with the Almighty,

forgetting your purpose for being on earth. When hardship or trials befall you, by the will of Allah, you are guided back to him. Be conscious of negative thinking from Satan to harden your heart against Allah. Trials in life should strengthen your relationship with Allah

and bring you close to him, not harden your heart and mislead you. Remember that tests are inevitable ( life has been designed that way – a combo of good and trials), it is what you do that matters ( choose the winning side – Allah ). Be strong and firm.

InshaAllah you will overcome the trial and whispers of Satan.

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