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Most Influential K-Pop Idols (In My Opinion) ; A Thread (Edited)

1. Jo Kwon (2AM*) I’m not a fan of 2AM*, but as an Aroha I learned about him through Jamie (the musical), and I literally was shocked. He was not afraid to speak his truth, and help others to speak theirs too! What a king 👑 #JoKwon

2. Holland Again, never really listened to his music, but I found out about him recently and was amazed. He is the first k-pop idol to come out as gay, and he stands proud! He also works under his own company. We stan #holland

3. Jimin (BTS) Jimin has gone against every stereotype towards males, idols, and so much* more! He freely dresses feminine saying that it’s not about the gender, but the style and what makes him comfortable! #Jimin

4. Yunho (TVXQ) This man literally took time off to volunteer at orphanages, went to other countries to help kids in need, as well as donating money for food and such. #Yunho

5. Jackson (Got7) Jackson built his own company from the ground, has became an ambassador for many brands, and participated in a group ambassador campaign that show the ranges of race and gender, as well as sexuality. He is always telling fans to follow their heart and dreams.

6. Hwasa (Mamamoo) This queen showed that being thick and dark is not something to be ashamed of. For many years people hated on her for not fitting the typical beauty standard of Korea, but she didn’t let that stop her! #Hwasa

7. Jay Park Jay Park posted many links and petitions to help with the BLM movement, and also donated $10,000 to help. He was also the former leader of *2PM but left to pursue being a solo artist, and now is under his own company with many other *independent artists. #Jaypark

8. BTS (As a whole) BTS has paved a large path for Kpop, spreading it around the world, and showing that standards don’t fit them. They donated $1M to BLM and like to show that toxic masculinity isn’t their type. #BTS

That’s all I have for now! Let me know about any others you have in mind. Also, I’ve fixed the errors. I apologize 😅 #kpop #jokwon #2am #2pm #jaypark #bts #jimin #jacksonwang #got7 #mamamoo #hwasa #holland #tvxq #yunho

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