little details in pics of ten that make… by @tenscatfriend

little details in pics of ten that make me smile, a thread

the way he is holding his sketch pen

how warm his hood looks

these two lil piercings

how warm the sun looks hitting his hair and ear

the air purifier necklace his mom gave him,, the same one as the previous 2 pictures,, also the shadow of the earring🥺

this little hand, also the hair looking floofy

again,, the cute necklace his mom gave him,,, but the lil ring on his finger

his thumb on the back of the umbrella, another ring

the bit of food in his cheekie

the fork and knife in his hands😭 also look at all the ringssss

sweater pawww also a lil ring

sweater paw pt 2,, and the necklace

the fact that his hand was swallowed by the jacket

his thumb appeared!!

the drink he is holding oddly

his teeth and that lil freckle

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