[Life story THREAD] What a night. Went… by @RosayGaspard

[Life story THREAD] What a night. Went to the ER to check my heart condition as I had a high back pain for the last 5 days and it could be a sign of something important.

Got some COVID related question to answer to be sure I’m not infected, answered that yes I have some nausea but that not unusual for me. The nurse crossed « NO » to nausea.

So I went to the part of the hospital that treat non-covid patients. The nurse there told me that there’s « real » emergency and that I shouldn’t come for that (thanks you dude) and then smashed the door after being a real jerk.

I waited a bit and then saw a doctor which made all the tests to confirm it wasn’t a heart problem (which wasn’t the case thank to god). Then she asked me some more questions, and I said that I had some nauseas lately but not unusual.

She then told me that as I had nausea I needed to pass the covid test. The nurse came back and almost screamed at me that I should have said yes when they asked me the question in first place (which I did but the first nurse crossed no)

So I had two covid tests (the usual nose test and another more embarrassing one). But they had to take me outside of the hospital for the nose test as the room where I was wasn’t ready for that.

Then the nurse aggressively said that because of me they’ll have to shutdown the whole area to sterilize it again (can you believe that they sterilize chairs only once a month in a pandemic period ????)

Long story short: first nurse made a mistake and then I’m the one that get blamed (pretty sure they’ll send me a bill for the sterilization…) and second nurse was just a jerk that think he knows better than everyone else.

So now I’m waiting on those results and I’m not supposed to see anybody until then. That said I’m kind of sure they’ll be negative as I don’t really have symptoms, but we never know…

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