Ketwol (that #StarWars Special Edition… by @SpookyGoop

Ketwol (that #StarWars Special Edition alien who replaced wolfman in the Mos Eisley Cantina) appreciation tweet thread.

I know a lot of people prefer the original wolfman but hear me out: there’s a lot to love about his replacement Ketwol!

The concept artist who created Ketwol’s species insisted he had this massive elephant body.

But Kenner tried to give him a humanoid body but ended up giving him short stumpy legs. But wait, the action figure has normal legs, right?

Take off the figures pants and he has tiny legs on mechanical stilts!

Ketwol’s other secret is that his puppet backwards in a turban becomes a totally different character: Melas!

Another member of Ketwol’s species appears in Watto’s box in The Phantom Menace. Canonizing the humanoid form but still leaving it possible that this guy also has mechanical stilt legs.

So the next time you see the Special Edition of A New Hope, don’t think of Ketwol as just wolfman’s replacement. He has a lot more going on than you first thought.

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