Keroche breweries Depot is located in… by @VinnieBaite

Keroche breweries Depot is located in Ngariama lane which is exactly 850 metres from Nairobi Cbd (A Liquor Heist Thread)

This means that it should take 4 minutes to get there from the CBD. But we will need more time. Why? Because Nairobi is crowded. The only thing people fear in Nairobi is not even is hiking of fare prices.

I already sent a survey team to get the logistics of the place. Equipped with Cameras and they brought back information. There are 3 Cctv cameras at the gate..2 on the sides and 1 at the centre.

There are also 2 guards at the gate. The guards work in shifts which change at 7 in the evening. Which means that by 6:30 the guards are tired and their only concentration is the shift change.

What we will do: 1. We will send a threat message to the director of the brewery 1 week earlier.Why?Because if we threaten them they will secure the brewery with tight security. About 6 “Locally” trained police officers from central police with Dogs which are better than…….

2. We all know Twitter influencers who can do anything for money.We will pay the influencers 150ksh each. To start a hashtag #Bringbackbeer on twitter. (Which must trend for 4 consecutive days) Borrow yeng and Toothbrush will spearhead this.

Why will influencers tweet? Because we will need to win the mass.The hashtags will confuse the beer holders and because they want to make sales they will be ready to open the depot at anytime.

Back to Security. The police will guide the brewery depot for around 5 days.and since no robbery will have been tried by then they will think it was a prank. The manager will tell them to wait for 2 more days. Which makes it one week.

They will then decide to go back to the station since the depot is secure..Then and only then we will attack. We shall make 2 hacked phone calls. One from the Head of police dptmt and another one from the statehouse.

1. The 1st call will be from the statehouse telling the brewery manager that the president is ordering supply of liquor in specific clubs due to public demand and the hash tags. This means that the depot will be opened immediately.

2. The 2nd call will be made immediately the 1st one ends. But from the central police (hacked still) telling the manager that we are sensing in a new security team since it could be a risk supplying without security.

“Our” Men in uniform will come in as the new security Team. And the guards will let us pass freely. I know you will ask about the Cctvs. We won’t hide. Why? Because times are hard and we deserve beer.

Ladies and gentlemen.. Once we are inside you can start placing your orders. We shall meet at jevanjee gardens. All of us. Let’s drink the beer together.

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