Job seeking hack for applicants submitting… by @Ziniiex

Job seeking hack for applicants submitting numerous applications daily. How to make the sometimes rigours and long job application process easier for you 📍 Thread Some organisation’s job application process can be long and tidious while some have their’s very simple and

Concise. However what you need to know is that questions companies ask for most role follow the same Competence & behavioral logic, what this means is that every role you can think about has its own set/pattern of competency & behavioural questions that enable the HR access your

Application. So if you’re actively applying for jobs, to make this already tiring process easier for you, create what i call a ROLE TEMPLATE. What this means is that let’s say you’ve identified XYZ roles as where your skills & experiences are best aligned, and

Those are the roles you’re frequently applying for in different companies, create a doc where you save every question & your response to any role you apply to. Eg While i was actively applying to jobs to make a career switch, identified a number of roles where my experience,

Skills, interest etc fit and while i had different Cv’s for each of those roles(you should have different Cv’s that spotlights everyrole you’re interested in) what i also did was that anytime i applied to role a, before i submit the application, i copy out the questions and my

Response and save in a word document i named Q&A for roleA. If i apply to role B i do the same. This way, after 2- 3 different applications, i had built a response template to any possible questions i may be asked in all my area of interest. Future applications became easier

And less stressful such that i could even be on the road, eating, doing something and in less than 2mins apply to a 7 page application process. All i do when i see a role is look at the question, go to my response template for d role copy responses to similar questions & tweak

It a little to suite the way that particular company wants for me to answer, afterwards before I submit, i copy their own questions and my tweaked answer and add to my doc. When I started doing this, I noticed that i got more interview chances than when I would just apply as

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