jeongwoo message to members: a thread… by @chocopjw

jeongwoo message to members: a thread (reveal answer on 8/8)

jeongwoo to hyunsuk: our cute hyunsuk hyung!! thank you so much for helping me with the dance! thank you for always saying nice things to me✊

Jeongwoo to Jihoon: Jihoon hyung! I always learn a lot bout life, thankyou hyung! I love you! ❤️

Jeongwoo to Junkyu: Junkyu hyung, i’ll be catch up you in Kart (kartrider game)! Please be nervous! ❤️

Jeongwoo to yoshinori: yoshi hyung, i’m begging you to talk more ✊

Jeongwoo to asahi: sahi hyung your drawings always surprise me! please teach me next time!

Jeongwoo to mashiho: mashiho hyung! I’m better in Fortnite!! Lets debut together! Fighting kijoring~~

Jeongwoo to Jaehyuk: Jaehyukie hyung, thank you for always thinking about me and teaching me. Thank you for everything since I was a trainee. Thank you for helping me fighting!!❤️

Jeongwoo to yedam: yedam hyung, I know a lot of songs, thank you for helping out. I love you ❤️

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