I’m here to explain why xenogenderphobia… by @HakuoTan

I’m here to explain why xenogenderphobia is also xenophobic and racist. A thread.

In my second culture, we believe that gender is non existent and nothing but a label that may comfort some. Those who want to go by a gender label will go through a process where they will dig deep into their souls to find their gender. They will then see an object, scenery (+)

(+), a colour, anything. And from that point, their gender is decided. These are called gender paintings. These are all metaphorical, but due to neurodivergency, many with autism can take these gender paintings literally. Catgender can be explained by during the practice, the (+)

(+) person sees a cat in their gender painting. Colourgenders can be explained by seeing a flat block of colour, floralgenders by seeing flowers, etc. I know I am gendervoid, because I looked at my gender and saw nothing. It wasn’t black or white, so not a colour, just (+)

(+) straight up nothing. It was like I went blind. I do recall seeing slight rims of blue, indicating strong outer femininity. This is all a big part of my religion and culture, therefore it is racist to deny it.

Also, no, you cannot see your gender painting without practicing my religion. :•3

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