I swear I’m psychic and/or I know how… by @clarissaccx

I swear I’m psychic and/or I know how to manifest things very well but I don’t know how to consistently do it yet. The universe is all knowing & powerful. Vibrations are real. Before you think I’m wack just listen ~Thread~

I’m here at work. I’m a server. Normally there are 2 servers morning shift. My coworker I worked with got cut. I am the only server left, and the restaurant is dead. I pick up the phone and wave it in the air and say “man I just wish I got a large to go order. Hellooooo”

As the phone is still in my hand, it RINGS GUYS. It’s a to go order. It’s a LARGE to go order. $92 worth. Also my coworker witnessed all this happen, and started calling me a witch. 😂😂😂

Point is, this is a small instance where the universe is showing me that something is listening/working. I have manifested everything in my life and all that I have. I also work hard too,but that’s beside the point. What do ya’ll think?? Coincidence?? I’m wack?? Crazy?? Legit??

This is not the first time something like this has happened to me. And I’m like 😳

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