I did mail-in voting for Nevada’s primary… by @smreine

I did mail-in voting for Nevada’s primary during the pandemic. Everything went wrong. This is my story. Thread.

My ballot arrived long before the election. I was so happy because I could research everyone! I put a lot of care into my ballot. I did it over a couple of days so I could sleep on it. I filled in little bubbles completely, neatly. Then came time to mail it.

I signed on the line. The instructions for folding and sealing the ballot were intense. Lots of steps and arrows. Two languages. The glue on the return envelope wasn’t good. I licked it a lot. I pressed it tight up until the moment I put it into a mail slot.

My hopes for democracy went into that narrow oubliette, and I saw an edge of the glued flap…lift.

I wasn’t surprised when I got a letter – after the primary ended – indicating something was wrong with my ballot. Something was wrong with my ballot! I was so afraid my vote wouldn’t get counted.

I fretted over that letter an unnecessary length of time before opening it. The problem wasn’t the seal. My ballot made it. It was all gudgy and unsticky and USPS still got it EXACTLY where it needed to be, on time. The problem was my signature. It “didn’t match records.”

I was angry. Yeah, my signature is a mess and never signed the same way twice. Who cares? This was ELECTION INTERFERENCE.

Then I saw the letter gave me a website address and a unique key. I went to the website. I entered the key from my letter and verified that yes, I am me, and yes, that was my ballot. The site said, to paraphrase, “k”

My vote was counted in the mail-in primary. Everything “went wrong” in a state like Nevada with “no infrastructure.” USPS still made sure my vote counted. And Nevada’s institutions double-checked for fraud bc I sign like a thrashing seal with a pen on her nose.

I expect we will be even better at this in the general election, as long as USPS is safe. I’ve been writing my representatives constantly about supporting USPS. Guess what? All of them do. Even the republican I always send the angry letters to. @MarkAmodeiNV2

There isn’t voter fraud. Nevada is making sure it’s doing everything right. They’re even verifying voters remotely without needing ID. Red and blue are united. Democracy is strong in Nevada. No matter how many tantrums the president throws. End thread.

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