How LinkedIn is helping me build my… by @DanaHerra

How LinkedIn is helping me build my business: A Thread 🪡 1. LinkedIn says only connect with people you know. Ignore that.

2. Connect with and follow people in your industry to learn from them and share your knowledge. There are so many creatives sharing valuable information there.

3. Search out connections with people who fit your ICP. I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs, so I look for interesting profiles with words like “owner” in the title.

4. Be interested in people. Before sending a connection request, look at their profile. Give insightful comments on their posts. In your connection request, mention something specific that interested you in them.

5. Optimize your profile. Say who you are, what you love about what you do, who you help and how you help them. Think bio + mission statement more than resume.

6. When you connect with someone new, ask them questions. Learn about them and their business. Do not offer services until you establish where they are and where they want to be AND are confident you can bridge the gap.

7. Engage. Post at least 3-5 times a week. Deconstruct posts that resonate with you to identify what works.

8. Give valuable comments. Not just “great post.” Add to the conversation. Respond to every comment on your posts.

9. Play the numbers. I try to send 50 connection requests a week. About half lead to conversations, and 2-3 become clients.

10. Once or twice a month, withdraw connection requests that weren’t accepted to stay on LinkedIn’s good side.

11. It’s a long game. After a few weeks of regular posting, commenting, and connecting, you’ll start seeing your inbound connections ticking up.

12. If you want a program to follow, look up Alpha Lead Academy by Michal Bohanes. Within 2 months of starting to work with Michal, I made back my investment, and returns keep growing. (Not an affiliate, just a fan.)

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