Hi! Intro thread! I’m Gemini6Ice (gem for… by @gemini6ice

Hi! Intro thread! I’m Gemini6Ice (gem for short), a cis gay white male who uses he/him pronouns, and you might enjoy following me on twitter more if you mute my retweets (as pictured below). Or leave them on if you like my RTs, I guess.

* I’m white in all functional ways except for my given name (my dad is Turkish). Please do not publicly use that name in reference to me on Twitter. I’m happy being referred to with male, guy, dude, fellow, etc., but don’t like “man.”

“Queer” is a slur to many people, including myself, so don’t use it as an umbrella term. Individuals can reclaim it, of course, and we should absolutely use “queer” to refer to people who use it to describe themselves. That’s not me.

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