HEY HEY! OC THREAD… by @Mystac0r

HEY HEY! OC THREAD (Ocs in no world) Jax (Me as a cat) Mystico (One of my sonas) Applejack Boi (Based on the cereal) 🙂

Terolin! (Gen 1 OCs if you will) Ocean Skii Blaze Cinder

Violet Dustil Naeco Damien

Flame Sky Mocha Roxy

Zap Judas (He was an adopt and I suck at drawing him so- art by Fussyraptor on DA) Xaro Zuzir

Saxalfor! (2nd gen OCs) Atlas (He’s also one of my sonas!) Light Grapes Leafy

Aqua Slate Cherry Dan

Jason Jackson

Kylor! (Basically my anthro world-) Blu Prince Neves Purplep Tiko

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