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Here’s an alphabetized thread on how to pronounce the name of the countries in the Caribbean. ** I’ll try to type the phonetics in a way that’s as reader friendly as possible. And don’t forget to retweet. Let’s do this! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Anguilla 🇦🇮 Pronounced: An-gwii-la

Antigua & Barbuda 🇦🇬 Pronounced: An-tee-gah Pronounced: Bar-bew-dah Surprise! It’s NOT An-tee-gwah nor Bar-boo-dah

Aruba 🇦🇼 Pronounced: Ah-rue-bah

The Bahamas 🇧🇸 Pronounced: The Ba-haa-mas FYI: please include THE when referring to The Bahamas.

Barbados 🇧🇧 Pronounced: Bar-bay-dos

Belize 🇧🇿 I think y’all should have this pronunciation down

Bermuda 🇧🇲 Pronounced: Bur-mew-dah (Bermuda is actually located over 900 miles from any Caribbean island as it sits alone in the Atlantic Ocean, its located ~884 miles east of Charleston, South Carolina USA)

Bonaire 🇧🇶 Pronounced: Boh-nair/Bon-air

British Virgin Islands (BVI) 🇻🇬 Pronounced: Yea, you got this one.

Caribbean Netherlands 🇳🇱 Made up of: Bonaire Pronounced: Boh-nair/Bon-air Sint Eustatius Pronounced: Sint U-stay-shus Saba Pronounced: Say-bah

Cayman Islands 🇰🇾 Pronounced: Kay-man Islands (Pretty straight forward)

Cuba 🇨🇺 *Now this one depends on whether you want to pronounce it with the language accent or not Pronounced: Cue-buh/Coo-bah

Curaçao 🇨🇼 Pronounced: Cure-ah-souw

Dominica 🇩🇲 Pronounced: Dom-mee-knee-kah Fun fact: The Commonwealth of Dominica 🇩🇲 is not the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 and they are not pronounced the same either.

Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 Pronounced: Duh-MINI-can Republic Fun fact: The Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 is a totally different country from Dominica 🇩🇲. And both countries have different pronunciations, and if someone tells you they’re the same, that person is a liar 😃

Grenada 🇬🇩 Pronounced: Gree-nay-dah **No, its not Gruh-nah-dah, trust me. It’s not.

Guadeloupe 🇬🇵 Pronounced: Gwah-deh-loop

Guyana 🇬🇾 Pronounced: Guy-ana Nope, its not “Gee-yana”

Haiti 🇭🇹 Pronounced: Hay-tee

Jamaica 🇯🇲 Pronounced: Jah-may-kah (But you knew this already)

Martinique 🇲🇶 There’s two ways the Caribbean pronounces it Pronounced: Mar-tin-neek/Mart-neek

Montserrat 🇲🇸 Pronounced: Mont-sir-rat

Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 (Yea, y’all got this one too)

Saint Barthélemy 🇧🇱 (Also known as St. Barts) Pronounced: Saint Bar-thay-leh-mee

Saint Kitts & Nevis 🇰🇳 Pronounced: Saint Kits (yea, easy one) Pronounced: Knee-vis Yes, I can guarantee you it is NOT “Neh-vis” Fun fact: St. Kitts’ original name is St. Christopher, a name given by the bad mind colonizer himself. But we dash it way because, you know.

Saint Lucia 🇱🇨 Pronounced: Saint Lou-sha I’ve heard some say “Loo-see-ah”, and no its not correct. Fun fact: This is only country in the world named after a woman, that woman being Saint Lucy of Syracuse, a Christian martyr who was killed during the Persecution of 304 AD

Sint Maarten (Dutch) 🇸🇽 / Saint Martin (French) 🇫🇷 Pronounced: Sint Mar-ten (Dutch) Pronounced: Sahn Marh-tahn (French) doh fight me for my French phonetics) **These two counties share the same land mass. Sint Maarten in the south of the island, Saint Martin in the north.

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines 🇻🇨 Pronounced: Saint Vin-cent and the Gren-ah-deans

Suriname 🇸🇷 Pronounced: Sue-ree-nam

Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 Pronounced: Trini-Dad and Too-bay-go Nope, its NOT “Tuh-bah-go”

Turks & Caicos Islands 🇹🇨 Pronounced: Turks and Kay-Kos

United States Virgin Islands (USVI) 🇻🇮 Yea, y’all got this one too. 10 points

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