FEH Voting Jubilee: My picks!… by @that_one_mawile

FEH Voting Jubilee: My picks! (Thread) Lukas is best boy in SoV and a canoncial teacher – He would be great at it too with his calm, clear nature!

Kiria and Tsubasa. Give Me! And She Is are fantastic songs – and this is a dancing duet that I adore.

I’m a Arvis stan lol who else would I pick. Hes the definition of a villian I just can’t hate.

Chrom and Robin. Brains and the brawn to solve even the toughest of crimes! Also… Chrobin forever lmao

Finally, Itsuki. He’s already great with his friends and basically family as show with the Fortuna squad so he would be a great, supportive sibling. Y

yall should be proud I had no double ups lmao

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