EVERYTHING WRONG WITH F4 THAILAND ; a… by @foreverwithwin


first of all, the content. the show romanticizes abuse and bullying. it has themes of misogyny and elitism. these are all very harmful and triggering to see on screen, played by the actors we love, nonetheless.

secondly, the fact that you are using b/rightw/in for this despite our pleas to do so otherwise. it’s so obvious that y’all are just riding on their fame. they opened so many opportunities for you and you cast them in such mediocre roles?

they deserve fresh plots as the lead actors. i don’t care if it’s not even bl, just PLEASE, do not waste their potential on something that’s been done again and again. you really just downgraded their abilities as versatile actors.

lastly, it’s the way you used their fame as leverage. 2gether and still2gether skyrocketed to success and y’all leeched off it. you struck while the iron was hot. we don’t care if b/rightw/in is in it, this show is harmful. boycott f4 thailand.


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