Another thing I feel like I’m losing bc… by @arkenstoners

Another thing I feel like I’m losing bc of COVID: a general sense of adulthood? (Thread)

This past year was the year I feel like I finally truly took my first steps into being a true adult. After so many years of being stuck in bad teenage/college habits (bad sleep schedule, eating poorly, never being motivated, etc) I felt like I was FINALLY growing out of that

Because I had so much shit on my plate this past year, I actually got my shit together and stayed on top of it for once, mostly (of course, I’m not perfect and had slip ups here and there)

I was regularly getting up at 8 AM, even on days I didn’t have to go to work. Asleep by midnight every night with few exceptions. Regularly cooking myself good, solid meals. Managing my time well, handling my classes, jobs, and extracurriculars effectively. And it felt so good!!!

And now that I have no job, my classes are barely anything anymore, and no real schedule to my life anymore, it’s so hard to not fall back into my old habits. I hate it. I don’t want to fall back into my old ways because I worked SO hard to actually grow the fuck up this year.

But it’s really hard. I have no motivation to do anything anymore half the time, and now barely anything keeping me in check and preventing me from wasting my days away doing nothing. Idk. Just something I’ve been thinking about

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