America’s Rise to Power…. by @firstladyship

America’s Rise to Power. “When did this One Nation Under God become the MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD?” It all started with one infamous event, the overzealousness of a teenage boy, led to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. THREAD……

In the early twentieth century, most of Europe was divided into alliances & pacts. At the start of 1914, much of the world was segregated into systems of influence. In each system was one of the great empires supported by a complicated system of alliances.

June 1914, shots fired, it will lead to sequence of events that culminated in one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. On the morning of June 28, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Great Austro-Hungarian Empire was visiting the Bosnia capital; Sarajevo.

It was not a popular visit at that time. A Serbia backed Bosnia independence splinter military group, the ‘Black Hand,’ also known as the ‘Unification or Death,’ planned an attack.

As the Archduke’s car was poised to change its gear outside a cafe, a Bosnian nationalist ‘Gavrilo Princip’, stepped forward towards the car & fired shots, killing the Archduke & his wife Sophie, the Duchess of Hohenberg.

From that faithful moment at Sarajevo, the pistol shots ushered in the first of the Great modern World Conflict the world have seen. The first thing the assassination provoked of course was force Austria’s hand. So Austria needed to react swiftly & decisive.

The intention was to discipline Serbia but the question is “how do you do it?” And if you do it, there’s a risk that Russia who is an ally to Serbia will answer & they did.” And so Austria needed Germany’s support.

They went to Germany & they said “well look, we are planning to take action against Serbia, will you support us?” Germany gave effectively a blank check & said “whatever happens, even if Russia goes to war with you as a result of this, we will support you!!”

Then Austria, riding on the back of this German promissory, declared war on Serbia who called on Russia for help, & the old system of alliances ignited Russia called on its ally France Germany to confront France, invaded Belgium whose neutrality in the conflict had been pledged

Britain & her empire entered the conflict on August the 4th. The world was at war. The ‘Great War,’ war to end all wars unleashed the kind of conflict & devastation unprecedented in human history. It was the first war that civilians were targeted behind enemy lines by bombers,

this is the first war were you had airplanes, cities bombed in the UK, London was bombed by German Zeppelins, in retaliation, German cities were bombed by Britain. So it was the first time really that the whole world was thrown into chaos & the business of a full-blown conflict.

WWI happened in such a sudden & seemingly staggering careless fashion that a century later, historians still argue about its causes. Russia was thrown into turmoil after its Eastern fronts disastrous campaigns. The Romanovs who had ruled Russia for hundreds of years were gone.

The revolutionary government was deposed by the Bolsheviks in the Russia’s 1917 revolution. The Bolsheviks made peace with Germany, so they could focus on the Civil War at home, out of which will usher in the ‘USSR.’

The Ottoman Empire collapsed, the Austro-Hungarian empire crumbled & Germany was at its knees, defeated. Czar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated his throne & ‘Armistice’ was signed. Then the guns finally went silent on the eleventh hour on the 11 of November 1918.

But German troops were still stationed on foreign soil & they were unwittingly setting the scene for the rise of a dictator ‘Hitler,’ barely a decade later. “Cud all these conflict be because a 19-year-old boy ~ ‘Gavrilo Princip’ emptied his revolver on a Sarajevo side street?”

“We could argue that ‘WWI’ & the peace treaties in the 1920s & 1930s brought the world head-on into ‘WWII,’ which of course led to the ‘Cold War’ & penultimately, all that led to ALL the ‘political situations’ we find in the world today.”

We could trace it all the way back to that shot fired by this teenager ~ Gavrilo Princip. In conclusion, the GREAT WAR did more than just change world dynamics, the shifting of power & military tactics, it changed the map of the world & the balance of power, permanently.

Then on April the 6, 1917, the United States of America threw itself into the theatre of war. And when the conflicts was over, its ripple effects had impoverished the great states of Europe.

The United States found herself the wealthiest & MOST POWERFUL NATION in the world. America as we all know it today, is a child born out of the first Greatest conflict the world witnessed, she came back from the war ~ a titan, a colossus ‘REBORN

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