a thread showing reasons why Jeongyeon… by @wonpilbestboi

a thread showing reasons why Jeongyeon deserves a better treatment!! #RespectJeongyeon #JeongyeonDeservesBetter #WhereisJeongyeonFancam #JeongyeonBestGirl

her visual is always on point 💯

She can rock every hairstyle and hair-length that she has!

A precious dino that we want to keep💚

Jeongyeon always did her best even though she’s not feeling well :c

She proves that she deserved the spot as a twuce member during sixteen era

Jeongyeon can steal your boyfriends but she can also steal your girls💯

Lastly, she is always there for twice💖 so jeongyeon really desrves a better treament. #JeongyeonDeservesBetter

[end of thread]

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