A thread on remaining profitable on all… by @BitcornBen_

A thread on remaining profitable on all timeframes (1/5) $BTC current positioning Taking a look at my HTF, MTF and LTF positioning HTF – long and strong from $21,400 (SPOT) MTF – long and strong from $33,486 (low leverage) LTF – no position

(2/5) I say this, because I feel some traders get so caught up watching the 1min chart they forget the bigger picture. It’s important to have strategies that work on the different time frames. Build a plan and trade that plan

(3/5) My HTF strategy is different to my MTF strategy which is different to my LTF strategy. And at some points one works better than the other. For the past few days I’ve lost money on my LTF strategy because the markets have been so choppy

(4/5) It’s vital to realise when something is working and when something isn’t. That is why I took a step back from LTF today and enjoyed my positioning on the MTF and HTF. When things start working on LTF again I will return

(5/5) Crypto is 24/7 but that doesn’t mean you have to be trading 24/7. I’ve made more money ‘trading’ today not taking a single trade than I have the past 4 days trading

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