A thread of people i would let step on… by @yoongstreats

A thread of people i would let step on me: weeb edition😥🥴

1. shigaraki tomura, im sorry but crusty man hits different

2. Oikawa Tooru, fuck his flat ass but i still love him very much so

3. Midari Ikishima, shes crazy and i kinda like it😌

4. Terushima Yuuji, his tongue piercing is the thing that really amplifies it for me 🙈

5. Yato, hes just cute

6. 707 lol, hes superior

7. Saeran too, obviously

8. Kirari Momobami, you know she would gadly do it too

9. Eren Jaeger, i feel like hes a bit underrated but i really love him

honorable mentions: dabi, yumeko jabami, levi ackerman, ryo asuka, and *cough* louis

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