A thread of meme type things :)… by @OTBlarryHABIT

A thread of meme type things 🙂

Me when my teacher is talking about anything.

My 5 brain cells when one direction is mentioned.

Me after another night of staying up for nothing.

Me when someone says who’s El

Smile 🙂

When someone says they are an ot4

Me when someone says they don’t like Stockholm Syndrome

When you see your crush, again.

When you want to believe someone but you can’t.

When you think you have seen it but have to re watch the whole thing again.

She really just-

My 5 brain cells when one direction have a reunion

Me when someone says something negative about one of the boys

Me seeing another notif from someone I hate

You’re lying.

My cells attaching themselves to one direction.

Me when I see someone with pink and blue.

When it wasn’t 18 months.

Me telling my friends I’m emotionally bruised.

End of thread 🙂

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