9 Most protected people in the world… by @martialdeyforyo

9 Most protected people in the world and some amazing facts about their security (A Thread) 1. Vladimir Putin Russia President is the most protected person in the world with 3000 bodyguards with armored cars and a dedicated security unit that collects info on perceived threats.

2. Donald Trump USA President, Donald Trump is the most protected billionaire in the world with 1000 bodyguards and a budget of $120M for protection yearly. He also uses “The Beast”, the most secured car in the world, it’s also said to be bomb proof

3. Kim Jong Un North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong Un is the most protected dictator in the world, His team comprises of 12 highly trained martial artists who jogs alongside his limo whenever he travels, he also have upto 100,00 soldiers for his protection

4. Queen Elizabeth II The most protected sovereign in the world is Queen Elizabeth II, the first UK Monarch to celebrate a sapphire Jubilee

5. Pope Francis The most protected religious leader in the world who lives in probably one of the more heavily armored cities in the world, Vatican City, a city-state by Rome, Italy. He’s under the protection of Swiss guard, the longest standing military in the world

6. Vladimir Lenin The most protected corpse! A masoleum is in Moscow that serves as the resting place for the former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. His body is protected 24/7 for 95 years. It’s said that the soldiers are told that the body is the most important thing Russia has

7. Mark Zuckerberg The most protected CEO in the world, Zuckerberg has spent around $20 million on security with $7.3 million for his bodyguards and his home and travels

8. Jay Z and Beyonce The most protected celebrity couple, apart from the bodyguards, they want to build a security compound in their LA mansion that is estimated to cost $88M, their newborn child also has a security detail worth $1M

9. El Chapo The most protected prisoner, the drug lord is under watch 24/7 by armed guards who also have armed guards watching over them. He has to sleep in a different cell each night, and the dogs who help guard him also have to taste his food in case of poisonings.

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