1. @itscalpalhere … by @redmitray19

1. @itscalpalhere 2. @hemmings_luv 3. @Michael5SOS 4. @faithvalntyne25 5. @fakeyas 6. @5SOSRANKED 7. @zellina_clam 8. @helloitspetunia @fakesosmikey 9. ❎ 10. ❎ Click the thread to watch the questions.. #MTVHottest 5SOS @5SOS

Tbh, that were still not enough. Fairly, I love every single one of you but I don’t remember ur username, sorry ☹️ (I barely search some of the username bcoz I can’t remember all of it 😅)

1.@ your best friend on this acc 2.@ you have appreciated 3.@ you like to give a hug to 4.@ you haven’t tagged yet but you want to because you care about them 5.@ you think is cute 6.@ you’d like to b friends w/ 7.@ you think is beautiful 8.@ coolest person you follow

9.@ you want to resolve problems with 10.@ your ex That’s it! Thank you for reading the threads 😊💕

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